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Property Management: SureMS offers complete financial accounting services from invoice to trial balance.

SureMS has assisted several Body Corporates during difficult financial times and are well renowned for improving cash flows of body corporates & home owners associations.

We base our business relationship with clients on Integrity, Loyalty and Trust.

At SureMS we look forward to assist you with all your needs from as small as a property related advise to complete management of your body corporate/home owners association.

With a Professional Accountant on board with 15 + years experience we can assure you that you and your complex will be well taken care of.

SureMS is affiliated with Paddocks and SAIPA and the management of SureMS have successfully completed the Paddocks Sectional Title Course in 2014.


Estate Management

“We have utilised the services of SureMS for several years now. The service and ethics displayed In managing the complex have resulted in a number of positive aspects
• Cash Management: Highly effective in reducing the number of arrear accounts and improving cash flow. Since take on this has reduced to a point where it stands almost at zero arrears. This means caped and open are adequately budgeted for and obligations met.
• Estate Management: excellent advice and acts within the scope of the law, protecting the estate and homeowners alike.
• Meetings: these are well structured and very well facilitated. Proper records maintained and Excellent planning. This goes on to include forecasting and contingent liability planning. An effective relationship with the trustees continues to be held, with SureMS often going the extra mile in managing the complex.
The above has meant that the complex is not only better managed but has the operational ability to better serve the homeowners And respond to future growth and needs of all concerned

We have as such appointed them to run and manage the oakhurst body corporate

Craig Mey
Trustee Gill Waters body corporate & Trustee Oakhurst Body corporate

To Whom It May Concern

“I have known SureMS for the past three (3) years as a Director of Blue Gill Homeowners Association. SureMS is the Director of Finances and extremely efficient in managing the financial statements and expenses of the Estate.

SureMS always acts in a professional manner and we are fortunate to make use of their financial knowledge and advice regarding our financial investments. SureMS never hesitates to act on any arrear accounts ensuring that our Estate has a healthy financial outlook.

SureMS also prepare all financial presentations for our AGM’s and could always answer any question by residents in a friendly and professional manner earning him respect from all residents and the other Directors of the Board.

SureMS is also always available with valid advise to solve any problems should they arise.

Should you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me on 011 391-4756 or 072 137 0277.

Yours Sincerely

Elda Weideman:

Estate Manager: Blue Gill”

To Whom It May Concern

“The Trustees and Management of Gill Waters Complex inside Blue Gill Estate are extremely fortunate to have acquired the capable and professional services of SureMS.

Cash management of the Complex is done professionally in an effective manner. Any arrear accounts are dealt with immediately to ensure a healthy financial situation for the Complex.

Complex management: SureMS always acts in a professional manner and supplies the management with friendly and capable advice regarding the Rules and Regulations as well as Articles of Association.

All meetings are prepared and professionally conducted. SureMS has a friendly approachable attitude towards owners and tenants alike. They are always available to solve any problems should they arise.

Should you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me on 011 391-4512 or 072 1488 007.

VP McLeod
Complex Manager”

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